History of the ICA & Aquaculture

Copper Alliance™ and Aquaculture: A Timeline

The International Copper Association and affiliated copper organizations have roots stretching back to 1927 with the formation of the International Copper Research Association (INCRA). Over the next 29 years, INCRA invested $44 million (more than $140 million in current dollars) toward ensuring strong growth for traditional copper applications and paving the way for new uses.

Copper advances the delivery of basic services, such as electricity and potable water, enhances life in the developing world and delivers convenience for more developed areas. Copper provides both developed and developing countries with improved energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse gases, increased disease prevention and improved food production through aquaculture.

The ICA has played an important role in how copper-alloy mesh aquaculture cages are used today. Copper mesh provides a healthier growing environment while improving the productivity and sustainability of operations for fish farmers.

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