Meet the International Copper Association Aquaculture Experts

Hal Stillman: Director of Technology

Hal leads research, development and technology transfer initiatives at the ICA aimed at creating new applications for copper.

He began his career at General Electric and later became a consultant on technology strategy and using entrepreneurial ventures to achieve business growth. He received the Industrial Research Institute’s highest achievement award in recognition of his accomplishments.

At ABB, he held the positions of Senior Vice President, New Ventures and Senior Vice President, Technology and Innovation and was involved in many new product and new business development initiatives.

Hal has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from New York University and pursued MBA studies at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Bob Dwyer: Associate Director for Environment in the Health, Environment and Sustainable Development (HESD) Initiative

Dr. Robert Dwyer is the Associate Director for Environment in the Health, Environment and Sustainable Development (HESD) Initiative for the International Copper Association, Ltd., based in New York. The ICA’s HESD Initiative conducts a broad range of research and technical assistance in the areas of health, ecotoxicology, and sustainability to assist in the stewardship of copper products around the world. His current activities include comprehensive scientific studies to support regulatory and market acceptance of innovative copper alloy meshes in aquaculture. The scientific research components of the HESD Program generally seek to replace uncertainties about copper products in the minds of regulatory agencies and consumers with sound science published in peer-reviewed journals. The HESD Program also provides guidance and technical assistance to the Copper Alliance’s Copper Development Centers around the world.

Dr. Dwyer has over 30 years’ experience in assisting governments and industries with living resources management and surface water-related issues. Prior to joining ICA, he managed over 300 resource management, environmental assessment, surface water and hazardous waste projects for government agencies, industrial clients and the US military as a consultant, primarily in the areas of surface water discharge compliance, and human and ecological risk assessment. Prior to consulting, he was a research aquatic scientist in EPA’s Office of Research and Development. Dr. Dwyer holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Oceanography of the University of Rhode Island.