Aquaculture News from Other Sources

Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok

February 17, 2016

The ASEAN Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference and Exposition 2016 – “ASEAN Food Security for the World,” will be held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Bangkok Thailand August 3-7, 2016. The 11th Asian Fisheries Aquaculture Forum[...]

Salmon Farm to be Built on World’s largest ships

February 17, 2016

NSK Ship Design in Harstad, Norway, is designing Havfarm (“Ocean Farm”) ships. They are also making a significant investment into the development of new technologies in aquaculture. One project aims to virtually eliminate the sea lice problem in[...]

A Live Fish Carrier Vessel Designed & Equipped by Rolls Royce

February 17, 2016

A second live fish carrier vessel will be designed and equipped by Rolls-Royce for the Norwegion ship owner Sølvtrans AS. The NVC 387 type vessel will be built by ship building company Kleven at it’s Myklebust yard in Norway.[...]

New Fish Farming Rules for U.S. Encourage Sustainable Aquaculture

February 17, 2016

In January, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) filed rules for fish farming in federal waters. The regulations open up the Gulf of Mexico for seafood production in a strip of ocean beginning where the state’s jurisdiction leaves[...]

Sustainable Fish Food Production

February 17, 2016

In a speech at the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Dr. Alan Shaw, President and CEO of Calysta Inc., a California-based company that produces protein for commercial aquaculture and livestock feed, said the "world will require more food production in the next[...]

Fish Consumption and Human Health

February 17, 2016

Many researchers are interested in assessing lifestyle factors that could influence the risk of depression. The following article indicates that a higher fish consumption is linked to a reduced risk of depression. Researchers suggest that eating a large[...]

South Korea Successfully Farms Salmon Year-Round

February 17, 2016

South Korea has become the first Asian country to successfully farm salmon throughout the year. Donghae STF Co., a local Korean aquaculture firm, has been raising some 10,000 coho salmon at a special enclosure about 5 kilometers off the country’s eastern[...]

SNP Event Draws Bumble Bee, High Liner and Others to Table

July 20, 2015

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a U.S. based non-profit organization, is sponsoring a public education event in various cities across the U.S. to raise awareness about the essential nutritional benefits of eating seafood… View full article[...]

Indian Seafood Exports: A Revenue Report

July 20, 2015

India exported a record one million tonnes of sea food in financial year 2014-2015. Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA_ Chairman Leena Nair said that sea food exports crossed all previous records in quantity, rupee value and USD terms… [...]

Vegetarian Fish Food Development in California

July 20, 2015

A video by Bloomberg Business highlights a California-based company’s development of the first completely vegetarian fish feed to be used commercially in the United States… View full article[...]

Celebration of 20th Anniversary of Code for Sustainable Fisheries

July 20, 2015

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) joins the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain and Conxemar in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the code of conduct for responsible fisheries. The sustainability and eco-certifying of[...]

Celebrity Chef Poses Key Questions to Farmed Salmon Suppliers

July 20, 2015

Although it took celebrity chef Rick Moonen “at least a decade” to warm up to the idea of featuring farmed fish on his menu at RM Seafood in Las Vegas, he has become a “convert of sorts” to farmed salmon.[...]

Culture-based Fisheries in Lao PDR and Cambodia

July 20, 2015

An article in the Network of Aquaculture Centre sub Asia Pacific says that culture-based fisheries (CBF) have been accepted as a useful development strategy for increasing food fish production and improving rural community life by most countries in Asia… [...]

Nigeria: WECARD empowers 100 farmers on fish-rice-pig integration

February 12, 2015

Nigeria: West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (WECARD), last week, trained no fewer than 100 farmers in integrated farming as part of poverty alleviation programmes. The training, themed, ‘Poverty eradication and grassroots empowerment through integrated aquaculture development’,[...]

More than 100 farms transforming aquaculture towards sustainability

February 12, 2015

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has welcomed more than one hundred certified farms into its certification programme in just over two years. And, in the last year alone it's seen the number of farms in the programme double. In August 2012[...]

4 Reasons Fish Should Be a Staple in Your Diet

February 12, 2015

Scared you'll ruin it? Afraid the house will smell? Is it just too...fishy? It's time to let go of the excuses and start cooking fish in your kitchen. There are so many healthy reasons this food should be a staple[...]

Commercial Aquaculture Benefiting Poorer Communities

February 12, 2015

BANGLADESH - A new report from WorldFish shows that resource-poor Bangladeshis can participate in commercial aquaculture, challenging conventional assumptions that this was not possible. The report also highlights that more of the very poor in Bangladesh are profiting from commercial[...]

Aquaculture in Wisconsin is a growing industry

February 12, 2015

Aquaculture in Wisconsin is poised for growth and the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (UWSP) facility is fully involved to assist the effort. A report from the region says a new recently announced partnership between the Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute[...]

Aquaculture without Frontiers launches in Australia

February 12, 2015

Charity Aquaculture without Frontiers has created an Australian branch, to connect the country’s aquaculture skills and latent resources to opportunities to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people. The first board meeting of AwF Australia was held in Sydney[...]

Boosting US aquaculture with novel fish food production

February 12, 2015

Researchers at Iowa State University are charting new waters by turning the state’s agricultural commodities into fish food, work that could help farmers find new revenue streams and provide a boost to US fish production. View full article[...]

FAO: New Hunger Data Released

October 24, 2014

A video presentation by Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) Assistant Director and General Coordinator for Economic and Social Development, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, highlights the 4 pillars required to create an environment for global food and nutritional security. View video[...]

Susainable Aquaculture Growth in S. Korea

October 24, 2014

In response to the Korean market’s growing demand, two aquaculture farms on Jeju Island in South Korea are spearheading sustainable fish production by achieving GLOBAL G.A.P. Aquaculture Certification. The farms obtained certification this year for olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus),[...]

Great Lakes Fish Farming

October 24, 2014

The owner of a family fish farm in Michigan discusses the benefits of sustainable fish farming in the Great Lakes region. While commercial fish farming on the Great Lakes has been debated a recent report shows that additional nutrients[...]

Turning the Tide: Developing Sustainable Seafood

October 24, 2014

Two new reports published by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) show how commitments by seafood producers, retailers, and consumers are delivering lasting improvements to the sustainability of marine ecosystems, fish stocks and fishing communities. View full article[...]

Aquaculture Helps Alleviate Poverty in Ghana

October 24, 2014

A Worldfish Study provides an overview of aquaculture in Ghana by assessing both the actual and potential contribution of aquaculture to poverty reduction. The report also identifies conditions for drivers of the development of Ghana’s aquaculture sector. View full article[...]

UAE Salmon Farms

October 24, 2014

“Asmak,” a fish farm company in Abu Dhabi, brings salmon and other species of fish to the UAE. Based in the western region of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, the project will supply the MENA region with enough fish to complete[...]

Egyptian fish farmers benefit from aquaculture training videos

June 19, 2014

An aquaculture training video series, designed to teach Egyptian fish farmers the industry’s best management practices, has recently been released. Produced by WorldFish, an international non-profit research organization, the 10 short videos are being used to train local fish[...]

The International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome

June 19, 2014

The International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome (ICSASG) project, supported in part by Cermaq ASA, has been completed. Salmon farmers will now be able to use the R&D resource information to identify genes that are resistant to[...]

Atlantic Salmon Red Seaweed Study

June 19, 2014

In a recent study, Atlantic salmon that were fed diets containing red seaweed had significantly higher levels of antiviral activity against infectious salmon anemia virus than fish fed a control diet. Growth performance of the fish also improved. View full[...]

Bacillus Probiotics Benefit Tilapia Rearing in Brazil

June 19, 2014

In Brazil, tilapia production was estimated at 210,000 mt in 2013. Floating cages are the most common rearing method for tilapia in Brazil. Many farms are increasing efforts to optimize rearing structures as they look to reduce production[...]

Farming Cobia in the Caribbean

June 19, 2014

Brian O’Hanlon, founder of “Open Blue” is building a large-scale hatchery in Panama that supports a new type of off-shore aquaculture. O’Hanlon wants to alter 4,000 years of human innovation and farm fish back in the ocean. He[...]

Vietnam Plans to Improve the Value of its Fishery Products

June 19, 2014

The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) approved a proposal to improve the value of agricultural, forestry and fishery products and reducing post-harvest losses through the reorganization of the production chain and exported products structure. Currently, Vietnam loses[...]

China to Boost Aquaculture Resources

June 19, 2014

Beijing plans to meet its rising seafood needs by instituting a heavily subsidized overhaul of its freshwater aquaculture resources in the region of the capital city. In Miyun County, two hours outside of the city-center, fish farmers are given[...]

A Global Summit: Fisheries Ministers Agree to Actions for Ocean Health & Food Security

June 19, 2014

A summit that brought together more than 600 ocean stakeholders – including 80 fisheries ministers from around the world, ocean science experts, business leaders, philanthropists and heads of international organizations – committed to a set of actions that respond to[...]

Food & Drug Administration Announcement: Pregnant Women Should Eat More Fish

June 19, 2014

In an updated report released in June 2014, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) says that pregnant and breast-feeding women and young children will gain important health benefits by eating more fish. Specific fish speci cited in the[...]

Raising More Fish to Meet Rising Demand

February 17, 2014

A new World Bank report estimates that by 2030, 62 percent of the seafood we consume will be farm-raised to meet growing demand. View full article[...]

Best year ever for Marine Harvest

February 17, 2014

The Marine Harvest Group recorded all-time high revenues and operating profits in 2013. View full article[...]

Cooke Aquaculture gains BAP certification

February 17, 2014

True North salmon from Atlantic Canada & Maine has received Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) three-star certification. True North salmon is produced by Cooke Aquaculture, Inc. View full article[...]

A "Milestone Year" for Cobia

January 27, 2014

A feature article about the recent expansion of cobia-farming in Vietnam, Belize, and Panama says 2014 could be a banner year for this fast-growing fish. View full article[...]

Advancements in Salmon Fish Farming

October 26, 2013

The BC Salmon Famers Association website provides a professional forum for communication within the salmon farming sector. A “Hot Topics” page includes current position statements on a number of key issues. View full article[...]

Eco-Friendly Fish Farming

October 26, 2013

Article highlights eco-friendly advancements in the fish farming industry. While demand for fish is reaching record levels, aquaculture “done right” has “great potential” to help feed the world population. The Global Salmon Initiative is highlighted with a quote from[...]

Marine Harvest Scotland Provides Salmon for Coronation Festival

August 11, 2013

Marine Harvest Scotland was selected to be the sole supplier of farmed fresh salmon at celebrations in mid-July honoring the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation. View full article[...]

“Best Fish Guide” Shines Light on Aquaculture Industry

June 24, 2013

A new Best Fish Guide in New Zealand helps New Zealanders to find farmed seafood that is ecologically sustainable. The guide, by Forest & Bird, includes Pacific oysters, paua, green-lipped mussels, and both freshwater and marine-farmed salmon that have[...]

Summer Fish Farm Tours in British Columbia

June 20, 2013

The British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association has launched a public tour program from June 27th through mid-September. Tours run each Thursday from the Discovery Launch WaterTaxis in Campbell River and last for approximately four hours. A boat ride[...]

How Aquaculture Can Save Uganda’s Lakes

June 19, 2013

Uganda is working on the transformation of its fish farming industry by enacting a new fisheries law that places an emphasis on conservation, aquaculture and cage farming. The Directorate of Industrial Training, an organization mandated to develop vocational training[...]

Marine Harvest is Awarded Aquaculture Company of the Year

June 14, 2013

Marine Harvest is the recipient of several awards including “Best Aquaculture Company of the Year” at the Crown-Estate sponsored event in June. Managing Director, Alan Sutherland congratulated his team, “This is proving to be a terrific year for the[...]

British Columbia West Coast Wild Salmon Test Negative for Three Fish Diseases

June 12, 2013

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) tests more than 4,000 samples from wild salmon on the west coast of British Columbia. CFIA reports that all samples collected in British Columbia have tested negative for infectious salmon anemia (ISA). [...]

Farmed Salmon Raises Blood Levels of Omega-3s

June 5, 2013

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture Scientists, people who eat farm-raised salmon can increase their intake of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids to levels that may help reduce risk of heart disease. The scientists evaluated a group of 19 healthy[...]

Can Aquaculture Solve Africa’s Fishing Crisis?

June 5, 2013

According to Malcolm Beveridge, Director for Aquaculture and Genetic at “WorldFish,” a Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR) center, “Per capita fish supplies in Africa are dwindling.” Fish provides a critical source of dietary protein for people living[...]

New Farming Method in Bangladesh Produces More Food in Less Space

April 26, 2013

A report published in the Ocean & Coastal Management Journal, describes how a new method of farming could improve Bangladesh’s economy and food security in the face of climate change. A process of combining rice with fish farming produces[...]