Copper Meshes with Seafood Expo NA – PART II

By Bob Dwyer, ICA Associate Director for Environment

Bob DwyerMany successful meetings took place at the 2014 Seafood Expo in Boston. More than 200 visitors came to the ICA booth to inquire about copper-alloy mesh. Subsequently, my colleagues (John Black and Nicole Witoslawski) and I had the opportunity to talk one on one with interested parties about the many benefits of copper-alloy mesh materials for the fish-farming industry.


ICA’s visitors could see that copper-alloy mesh provides solutions to the critical problems facing the industry. Durable copper-alloy mesh protects fish from predator attacks and reduces escapes of farm-raised fish. Copper-alloy mesh pens resist biofouling, improving water circulation and decreasing maintenance costs. Copper-alloy mesh reduces the need for antibiotic treatment of the fish and eliminates the need for antifouling coatings.

On this website, we will soon feature copper-mesh innovation in Vietnam where full-cycle copper-net pens have recently been launched for raising cobia. Fish farming companies & aquaculture experts agree that cobia is a “high quality white fish.” Recent aquaculture news indicates that 2014 could be a milestone year for cobia growth.