Copper Meshes with Seafood Expo NA

International Copper Association Displays Copper-Alloy Mesh in Booth #691

By Bob Dwyer, ICA Associate Director for Environment

Bob DwyerThe ICA will attend this year’s Seafood Expo North America in Boston – March 16–18. I will join colleagues John Black, ICA Aquaculture Consultant, and Nicole Witoslawski, ICA Marketing & Communications Manager, for what promises to be an exciting show. Formerly known as the “Boston Seafood Show,” the Seafood Expo is held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and brings together more than 2,000 seafood vendors, distributors and manufacturers with 19,000+ buyers. This event provides a great opportunity for the ICA to introduce copper-alloy mesh materials to important segments of the seafood supply chain.

John, Nicole and I will demonstrate samples of different copper-alloy mesh products from the ICA Booth #691. These samples are presently in pilot-testing and full-field deployment around the world. We will also display a scale model of a salmon pen that uses copper mesh.

I also look forward to discussing the many benefits of seafood produced in copper-mesh pens. Copper-mesh pens:

  • Limit the impact of pathogens and parasites as monitored by farmers.
  • Support sustainable fish farming and are 100% recyclable.
  • Stay naturally clean, reduce drag and maintain cage volume.
  • Resist storm damage and are sturdier than traditional netting.
  • Have fewer predator attacks and fish escapes.
  • Have minimal maintenance costs.

Consumers and retailers who sell and serve seafood – grocers and restaurants – are especially aware of the benefits of seafood produced in a sustainable and healthy manner. Vendors and distributors have also taken action by implementing best practices via improved codes of operation. Additionally, these businesses are participating in industry certifications to quantify and demonstrate to consumers that their products are not only wholesome and traceable, but have also been sustainably produced.

While at the show, we will attend update sessions by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council on their Certification Standard. John and I will also attend “partners’ dialogues” convened by major seafood buyers, Darden, Costco and Walmart. These corporations and others will discuss their requirements for sustainable production.

Meanwhile, the ICA is accumulating a large body of scientific evidence to demonstrate the many contributions of copper-alloy mesh technology toward improving the sustainability profile of farmed fish. Seafood Expo NA presents an opportunity for us to learn about buyers’ needs and other trends in the market. This allows us to position copper-alloy mesh products for a rapidly growing and evolving industry.

The information sharing we plan to do at the Expo will help us continue to develop awareness of the benefits of copper-alloy mesh with vendors and buyers who are interested in sustainable, healthy fish and growth best practices.

If you would like more information about copper-alloy mesh, please contact me: