Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok


The ASEAN Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference and Exposition 2016 – “ASEAN Food Security for the World,” will be held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Bangkok Thailand August 3-7, 2016.

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Salmon Farm to be Built on World’s largest ships

Havfarm vs Hoydal 14

NSK Ship Design in Harstad, Norway, is designing Havfarm (“Ocean Farm”) ships. They are also making a significant investment into the development of new technologies in aquaculture. One project aims to virtually eliminate the sea lice problem in salmon.

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A Live Fish Carrier Vessel Designed & Equipped by Rolls Royce

A second live fish carrier vessel will be designed and equipped by Rolls-Royce for the Norwegion ship owner Sølvtrans AS. The NVC 387 type vessel will be built by ship building company Kleven at it’s Myklebust yard in Norway.

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New Fish Farming Rules for U.S. Encourage Sustainable Aquaculture

In January, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) filed rules for fish farming in federal waters. The regulations open up the Gulf of Mexico for seafood production in a strip of ocean beginning where the state’s jurisdiction leaves off — 3 to 9 miles offshore, depending on the state — and extends to 200 miles offshore.

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Sustainable Fish Food Production

In a speech at the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Dr. Alan Shaw, President and CEO of Calysta Inc., a California-based company that produces protein for commercial aquaculture and livestock feed, said the “world will require more food production in the next 50 years than in all human history”

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Fish Consumption and Human Health


Many researchers are interested in assessing lifestyle factors that could influence the risk of depression. The following article indicates that a higher fish consumption is linked to a reduced risk of depression. Researchers suggest that eating a large amount of fish could help reduce the risk of depression.

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South Korea Successfully Farms Salmon Year-Round

South Korea has become the first Asian country to successfully farm salmon throughout the year.

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SNP Event Draws Bumble Bee, High Liner and Others to Table

seafoodNutrition_logoThe Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a U.S. based non-profit organization, is sponsoring a public education event in various cities across the U.S. to raise awareness about the essential nutritional benefits of eating seafood…

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Indian Seafood Exports: A Revenue Report

seafood-exportsIndia exported a record one million tonnes of sea food in financial year 2014-2015. Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA_ Chairman Leena Nair said that sea food exports crossed all previous records in quantity, rupee value and USD terms…

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Vegetarian Fish Food Development in California

vegetarianFishFoodA video by Bloomberg Business highlights a California-based company’s development of the first completely vegetarian fish feed to be used commercially in the United States…

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