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The ICA to display copper-alloy mesh samples at the Seafood Expo and Seafood Processing North America Show


NEW YORK, NY/U.S. (13 March 2014) –

Key Highlights of the ICA’s Copper-Mesh Exhibit:
• International Copper Association will display samples of copper-alloy mesh at the Seafood Processing Show in Boston, Mass., March 16 – 18.
• Copper-alloy mesh pens resist biofouling, improving water circulation and reducing maintenance costs for fish farmers, ensuring healthy, sustainable growth cycles of fish
• Copper-alloy mesh pens protect fish stock while securing safety of local predators such as seals and sea lions

The International Copper Association (ICA) will display copper-alloy mesh samples at booth #691 at the Seafood Expo and Seafood Processing North America Show, from March 16 – 18, in Boston, Mass. Scientific experts will also be available to discuss the unique features and benefits of copper alloys for the fish-farming industry.

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Copper-alloy Pens Featured at AquaNor 2013: Aquaculture Experts Available to Discuss Research


NEW YORK, NY/U.S. (6 August 2013) –

Key Highlights:

  • International Copper Association displaying samples of copper-alloy mesh at AquaNor in Trondheim, Norway, starting on 13 August.
  • Copper-alloy mesh pens protect fish stock while ensuring safety of local predators such as seals and sea lions.
  • Copper-alloy mesh pens resist biofouling, improve water circulation and reduce maintenance costs.
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International Copper Association Launches New Aquaculture Web Library:


NEW YORK, NY/U.S. (8 August 2013) –
A new Aquaculture Web Library has been launched by the International Copper Association (ICA) under the direction of Langley Gace, Aquaculture Applications Development Manager. The ICA, the leading organization for promoting the use of copper worldwide, has partnered with the aquaculture industry to deploy copper-alloy nets in several regions throughout the world. The web library,, provides an educational forum to share information and updates about recent copper-alloy net installations and much more. aims to reach aquaculture industry professionals, including fish farmers, suppliers, scientists, researchers, educators, non-government organizations, business consumers and media professionals who are looking for timely and valuable information about the industry. ICA’s Aquaculture Web Library is readily accessible and free to users 24/7. It contains information about the scientific benefits of copper alloy netting for the aquaculture industry as well as a variety of news sources and articles. Photos and videos of recent copper alloy net installations can be accessed by an interactive global map.

“The site also contains profiles, in-depth articles and case studies about environmentally friendly and sustainable fish farming practices,” says Gace. “On-line visitors will learn about and experience a view of the whole copper-alloy net installation process as well as benefits derived from the use of copper alloys in fish farming practices.” provides a home in cyberspace for a wide range of aquaculture educational information, trade shows, seminars and global forums. “We’re continuing to develop and gather rich content from a variety of sources. We also encourage visitors to submit information for blog updates on the site’s home page,” adds Gace.

Additional resources on the new site include the history of the ICA, benefits of copper in aquaculture including a downloadable PDF describing the value of copper alloys in marine aquaculture, a listing and description of fish species commonly cultivated in aquaculture, copper alloy net case studies, research, aquaculture news from a variety of current and global sources, and industry press releases and contact information.

The ICA’s aquaculture on-line resources are already extensive and will continue to grow. “The goal is to make this site as accessible, information rich and diverse as the needs of the visitors using it,” says Gace.

Users can contact Langley Gace directly via the website , Linked In, or @cuaquaculture

About The International Copper Association
The International Copper Association (ICA) increases awareness and usage of copper by communicating the unique attributes that make this sustainable element an essential contributor to the formation of life, to advances in science and technology, and to a higher standard of living throughout the world. The ICA’s 43 members represent a majority of the world’s refined copper output and are among the largest copper producers, fabricators, and wire and cable companies.

About Copper AllianceTM
The Copper AllianceTM is a network of regional copper centers and their industry-leading members, led by ICA. The Copper Alliance and ICA are responsible for guiding policy and strategy and for funding international initiatives and promotional activities. Headquartered in New York, the organization has offices in four primary regions: Asia, Europe and Africa, Latin America and North America. Copper Alliance programs and initiatives are executed in more than 60 countries through its regional offices and 27 copper promotion centers.

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International Copper Association
+1 646.350.9968,

Copper-alloy Mesh Pen Resists Sharp Teeth and Storms


NEW YORK, NY/U.S. (19 June 2013) –

Sea Bream and Rough Seas Unable to Damage Netting

Key Highlights:

  • First copper-alloy pen deployed in Mediterranean Sea near Palairos, Greece, and stocked with Sea Bream.
  • The strength of the copper-alloy mesh resists the constant biting of the Sea Bream and does not require frequent cleaning or antifoulant materials because it resists the growth of organic materials.
  • The Hellenic Marine Institute will use the pen for water quality research, including bottom sampling and fish-flesh studies.
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South Australian Aquaculture Company Runs Copper Alloy Net Trials


NEW YORK, N.Y./U.S. (04 March 2013) — Clean Seas Tuna in Port Lincoln, South Australia, is the first aquaculture farm in mainland Australia to install and test new copper-alloy mesh net technology.
The 16 meter copper-alloy net pen will hold approximately 10,000 Kingfish over the next six months. This launch follows successful trials in China, Chile, Japan, Korea, Canada, Turkey and Tasmania that have seen the nets ward of a range of predators, significantly improve net cleanliness and boost profitability.

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Mainstream Canada Installs First North American Copper-alloy Pens


105,000 Atlantic Salmon to be Stocked

NEW YORK, N.Y./U.S. (28 February 2013) –
Key Highlights:

  • Two copper-alloy net pens have been installed at a salmon farm on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.
  • Copper-alloy net pens protect farmed fish and act as an effective, passive deterrent to predators such as seals and sea lions.
  • Copper-alloy net pens stay naturally clean while maintaining maximum water exchange.
  • This is the first copper net pen installation in North America.
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Copper-Alloy Net Pens Survive Two Major Typhoons


NEW YORK, N.Y./U.S. (18 September 2012) –

50,000 Sea Bream Outlast Harsh Conditions

Key Highlights:

  • Over 50,000 sea bream survived two major typhoons in Korea in copper-alloy nets, while fish in traditional nylon and polyethylene terephthalate nets escaped.
  • Financial losses suffered by Korean fish farmers as a result of the typhoons total $300 million USD.
  • Rigid copper-alloy mesh resists corrosion and growth of organic matter.
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Copper Nets Improve Conditions for Farmed Fish and Promote Sustainable Environments


New York, NY (15 April 2011)—The International Copper Association (ICA), the leading organization for promoting the use of copper worldwide, has partnered with the aquaculture industry to deploy copper alloy nets for fish farms in a variety of regions around the globe, including the U.S., Turkey, Scotland, Australia, Chile and China. The use of copper alloys in aquaculture helps promote a sustainable environment.

Copper and its alloys are 100% recyclable, unlike other net materials such as nylon and coated nylon. Copper alloy nets will not corrode or degrade, so they last longer than other net materials. Copper alloy mesh lasts for five years or more, depending on conditions. The reuse of materials saves about 95% of the embodied energy that would otherwise be wasted. Embodied energy is defined as the energy required for procuring raw materials, manufacture, transport, construction, maintenance and repair.

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