Field Videos

Copper Net Pen Inspection: Mainstream, Canada’s Plover Point Site September 19, 2013 – A new copper net inspection video provides a visual tour of copper-alloy mesh pens at Mainstream Canada’s Plover Point site. Video includes underwater photography of nylon netting inside the copper-alloy mesh that serves as temporary housing for juvenile salmon until their release to a copper-alloy grow-out net in November 2013.


Full-Cycle Net Pens in Carlsbad, CA – This video shows the full-cycle copper-alloy net pens, recorded in Carlsbad, CA on October 9, 2013. The fish inside the copper-alloy mesh are white sea bass (Atractoscion nobilis). The study, conducted with the ICA and Hubbs Sea World, includes 3 copper-alloy pens and 3 control nylon pens. Initial observations include less mortality in the copper-alloy mesh pens than in the nylon pens. The fish in the copper-alloy mesh pen weigh approximately 15 grams. Other details about the full-cycle copper-alloy net pen study are included on the ICA’s CuAquaculture Blog. This study is a prelude to the ICA program in Vietnam.


Successful Fish Farm Production in Southern Chile with Copper-Alloy Nets – International Copper Association Aquaculture Applications Manager Langley Gace visits an innovative and environmentally-friendly salmon farm in Chile where copper nets are used to produce an abundance of healthy-market-sized fish.


Global Innovation: Copper-alloy Net Installation in Greece – This video shows the installation of a copper alloy-mesh pen at “Nireus Aquaculture” in Greece. Nireus is the leading producer of sea bream, sea bass, and meager.