South Australian Aquaculture Company Runs Copper Alloy Net Trials


NEW YORK, N.Y./U.S. (04 March 2013) — Clean Seas Tuna in Port Lincoln, South Australia, is the first aquaculture farm in mainland Australia to install and test new copper-alloy mesh net technology.
The 16 meter copper-alloy net pen will hold approximately 10,000 Kingfish over the next six months. This launch follows successful trials in China, Chile, Japan, Korea, Canada, Turkey and Tasmania that have seen the nets ward of a range of predators, significantly improve net cleanliness and boost profitability.

“We believe this technology will deliver all sorts of benefits to the way our fish are raised and marketed,” stated Craig Foster, Clean Seas Tuna CEO.

“Stopping the major damage done to our existing nylon nets from predators like sharks and seals will be a major step forward. A bonus is the fact that the copper-alloy mesh means a cleaner environment for the fish and reduced maintenance costs. Aquaculture is one of Australia’s fastest growing sectors and was worth $948 million to the country in 2011, but we’re hoping technology like this will put South Australia on top of the game,” Foster added.

U.S.-based aquaculture expert, Langley Gace, aquaculture applications manager with the International Copper Association (ICA), is in Port Lincoln overseeing the installation of the copper-alloy mesh and believes the nets provide a safer and healthier environment for commercially grown fish. “Copper-alloy mesh nets stay naturally clean, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a healthier environment for fish,” Gace said. “They also have the distinct advantage of being 100% recyclable.”

EcoSea, a Chilean Company, and Seafarm Systems in Hobart, Australia, both helped build the final net that is supplied by the ICA as part of a rapidly growing $90 billion plus global aquaculture market.

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