The ICA to display copper-alloy mesh samples at the Seafood Expo and Seafood Processing North America Show


NEW YORK, NY/U.S. (13 March 2014) –

Key Highlights of the ICA’s Copper-Mesh Exhibit:
• International Copper Association will display samples of copper-alloy mesh at the Seafood Processing Show in Boston, Mass., March 16 – 18.
• Copper-alloy mesh pens resist biofouling, improving water circulation and reducing maintenance costs for fish farmers, ensuring healthy, sustainable growth cycles of fish
• Copper-alloy mesh pens protect fish stock while securing safety of local predators such as seals and sea lions

The International Copper Association (ICA) will display copper-alloy mesh samples at booth #691 at the Seafood Expo and Seafood Processing North America Show, from March 16 – 18, in Boston, Mass. Scientific experts will also be available to discuss the unique features and benefits of copper alloys for the fish-farming industry.

The Seafood Exposition lures thousands of seafood buyers, processors and suppliers from around the world for face-to-face meetings and the establishment of important business connections each year.

Interest in copper-alloy mesh pens continues to grow, with recent expansion in Mozambique, Greece and Southeast Asia. Currently, more than 200 pens are deployed in locations around the world, protecting a range of fish, from salmon and seriola to sea bream and sea bass.

Copper-alloy mesh reduces impact from pathogens and parasites, as monitored by farmers, allowing for a healthy growth cycle. Copper-alloy mesh reduces the need for antibiotic treatment of the fish and eliminates the need for antifouling coatings. Durable copper-alloy mesh pens also protect fish from predator attacks and reduce escapes of farm-raised fish.

Bob Dwyer, associate director for environment for the ICA’s Health, Environment and Sustainable Development initiative, reports, “Research shows that copper alloys decrease the rate of biofouling while meeting very stringent water quality standards. Copper-alloy net pens have been successfully tested in a variety of environments including laboratory studies in Chile, German and the United States. Additionally, field studies have been conducted in Chile, Canada, Greece, and Korea.”

Current information about copper-alloy mesh can also be found on the ICA’s aquaculture web library, The free site, containing valuable and timely information for the aquaculture industry, is regularly visited by fish farmers, industry suppliers, scientists, researchers, educators, nongovernment organizations, business consumers, and media professionals. Photos and videos of recent copper-alloy net installations can be accessed via an interactive global map.

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